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Eurasian Federation

of Oncology

Eurasian Federation of Oncology (EAFO) is an autonomous professional organization uniting oncologists, other healthcare professionals, anti-cancer & anti-tobacco advocates, patients, survivors, journalists, policy makers, oncology & anti-cancer organizations and others interested in combating cancer from all parts of Asia, Europe and beyond. The organization has its focus on long-term initiatives dedicated to the health and well being of cancer patients, cancer survivors, healthy individuals, initiatives that foster innovations, collegiality, cooperation and professional development primarily through educational programs.


Eurasian Cancer

Research Council

Eurasian Cancer Research Council (ECRC) is a NOT - FOR- PROFIT, registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 by bearing registration No. U85200MH2017NPL297682. Eurasian Cancer Research Council (ECRC)” is the specialized for carrying out Basic, Translational, Populations and Clinical research in cancer. The objective of the ECRC is to promote and conduct collaborative Cancer Research in different countries. A significant feature of the ECRC is its expertise in coordinating research across countries and organizations; its independent role as an international organization facilitates this activity. The Agency has a particular interest in conducting research in low and middle-income countries through partnerships and collaborations with researchers in these regions. ECRC is trying to find out issues related to Cancer treatment, so the treatment of the cancer can become affordable and within reach of needy. The functional area of the ECRC has no boundaries.


British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) is a national voluntary organization with a commitment to the principle of providing high quality patient care through the National Health Service.

BAPIO actively promotes the principles of diversity and equality with the aim of “Empowering doctors and dentists of Indian heritage to be beacons of leadership and professional excellence.



An interregional public organization of oncological patients, which was created in 2015 by patients and for patients under the auspices of the leading professional association of oncologists in Russia - the Russian Society of Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO). People who are faced with a diagnosis and decide to team up to help others. Find the correct information about the disease, treatment, rehabilitation. Get to know the funds, doctors, technologies, and most importantly, initiate communication between the doctor and the patient at different levels throughout the country.


The Skolkovo


The Skolkovo Foundation  is a non-profit organization created on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation in September 2010. The goal of the Fund is to create an ecosystem conducive to the development of entrepreneurship and research in the areas of: energy efficiency and energy saving, nuclear, space, biomedical, strategic computer technologies and software. The Fund is entrusted with the management of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, whose activities are regulated by a special law that provides special economic conditions to startups that have undergone special external technological expertise (now there are more than 2,400 of them). 


Russian Society

of Pathology

RUSSIAN SOCIETY OF PATHOLOGY After the death of O.K. Khmelnitsky in 2004, the ROP was first legally registered and registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a professional public association. The Founding Congress of the ROP took place in Moscow, electing Professor Lev Vladimirovich Kaktursky, president of the ROP, who has steadily led the society for 12 years. Over the years, 4 congresses and 9 Plenums of the ROP were held in different cities of Russia, many conferences, symposia, schools and other events were held. The ROP website was created. Under the auspices of the ROP, a number of periodicals, manuals, and books have been published. At the initiative of the RRO, a quality control system for the pathological anatomy service was created - the Voluntary Certification System for Pathological Anatomical Research, which goes to the international level with the introduction of NordiQS system quality assessment criteria


The Russian oncological portal is one of the most powerful professional oncological resources on the Russian-speaking Internet. The portal is a periodical peer-reviewed scientific and practical publication dedicated to a wide range of oncology issues. Here you can always find the latest information from the world of science and practice: scientific articles, presentation of reports, news and conferences, videos, etc., as well as publish your scientific work on the portal resources.



The Company GARANT was formed in 1990. Originally specializing in providing legal information, Garant was a pioneer in this sector of the software market. In his day Ford gave the world an automobile for the masses. The company GARANT made available Russian law to all Russians. Company is a leader in the Russian IT market. For more than 28 years it has supplied information on the Russian legislation both in English and Russian. The Russian Legislation in English database is the only way to get access to the Russian legislation translated into English with weekly updates.

A significant number of foreign companies in Russia enjoy using the GARANT databases, including the English language version. Amongst its esteemed customers are international organizations and NGOs, foreign banks and embassies, large audit, consulting and manufacturing companies, and so forth.




The Skolkovo Biomed goal is to create a competitive biomedical technologies industry while bearing in mind that, in addition to trying to maximize revenue, we’re making a decisive contribution to improving the nation‘s health.

It puts efforts which has led to a significant increase in the number of companies seeking to commercialize science and biomedical technologies. It tries to promote this growth, and ascertain  seeing that the goal of the companies in the sector brings  improvement in healthcare. A healthy nation is a productive nation.  Mission is to support the development of biomedical technologies for a healthy and wealthy Russia.

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