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Message from the Founder

“...With an enormous amount of conferences and congresses happening world-wide in different specialties there are very few focusing on the younger generation of future leaders in medical and allied sciences.


Advancement of medical science and the increasing numbers of sub-specialties (“super specialties” as it is called in India), has led to some healthcare professionals  finding themselves on an “island” of their own specialty and quite often risking isolation from the rest of the medical community.  

Scientific and technological advances translate into efficient healthcare delivery mostly with the help of researchers and technologists from allied sciences, who in most cases are not doctors but engineers, biologists, physicists, chemists, IT professionals and others, as such, we must encourage interdisciplinary interaction for the betterment of medicine.  

Majority of students, postgraduates and young doctors outside of the UK, Russia, USA and a few other advanced nations, do not always get the opportunity to be involved in research programmes during their training and/or early days of their career due to the fact that research is not prioritized in most of their institutions apart from a few exceptions; postgraduate and subspecialty focused training opportunities are also highly limited in those nations.

Through FIRMST - Anyone from ANY corner of the world has the opportunity to identify a future mentor or collaborator for pursuing further education, training and research programmes


FIRMST is an initiative to encourage and support innovative ideas in young minds, thereby reducing the gaps between professionals of various medical specialties amongst themselves, and experts in allied sciences.


Taking part in FIRMST provides participants the opportunity to present their work and/or to have a discussion with other participants and experts. Even if not presenting, one can lay the foundation for future educational, training or research programme/s in fields of medical and allied sciences of interest. This will be facilitated not just through the interaction of participants during the forum, within the Meet-the-professor sessions and virtual lounges, but also, after the FIRMST forum; the project will further continue with the establishment of a plethora of opportunities in specialized training and research, including scholarships and grants.


I wish you all great success, and I hope that this community flourishes beyond national, cultural, religious, traditional and any other borders or boundaries…’’


Somasundaram SUBRAMANIAN

FIRMST 2020 Convenor & Founder

Russian Federation

The Vision

FIRMST is a unique platform for interaction of world-class experts, internationally recognized physicians, surgeons and researchers, brilliant young scientists and students from all over the world in the field of Medicine & Allied Sciences. 

What makes FIRMST stand-out from the other Forums is its “the sky's the limit” approach. We strongly believe that great medical breakthroughs can be made only when a  holistic approach is adopted. Here at FIRMST you may choose ANY topic of your choice from ANY discipline related to the medical field and initiate an open discussion about the same.

FIRMST aims to:

  • Sow the seeds of collaborative medical research into emerging minds in the various fields of healthcare.

  • Introduce students to a holistic approach towards medicine by encouraging open discussions between students and experts of various disciplines. 

  • Encourage our youngsters to think outside just a single specialty and explore into other fields to find innovative and highly efficient solutions to the existing healthcare issues.

  • Bridge the gap between students, who do not get enough exposure or opportunities to be introduced to different specialties, subspecialties, and research at an early stage in their career, and the leaders who have the knowledge, expertise and resources ready at their disposal.

  • Emphasize that connections and interactions in the medical community are essential for collective progress. As such, we believe that FIRMST will enable the participants to forge those connections over time.

  • Introduce participants to advancements in healthcare, recent protocols for diagnosis and treatment, and to promote the modern means of thinking in the medical field - including interdisciplinary teamwork, the need for updating guidelines, and the need for continued improvement of individuals on a personal and professional level.   

  • Create new Fellowship/Post-graduate or other educational opportunities for students, doctors, nurses and others in medicine and allied sciences from anywhere across the globe.

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