Abstract Submission Guidelines


The best presenting participant/s shall be awarded with Scholarship(s)/ Fellowship(s)/ Observership(s)/ grants along with educational support.

Here, at the FIRMST-2020, you are welcome to present your scientific work on ANY topic in medicine and allied sciences.


The primary aim of an abstract is to describe your scientific work in a clear and concise manner. Follow standard academic writing practices and do not exceed the word limit.

We require abstracts to be written in ENGLISH. The word limit is 2500 characters (not including the heading, author information, and references).

NOTE:- that the design of the “Materials and methods” section varies depending on the type of the research done.

A good abstract should provide answers to four questions:

  • What is the subject of your research?

  • What was the reason for doing the research in first place?

  • What results are thereby obtained?

  • Why are these findings useful and/or important?


The purpose of FIRMST is to generate novel approaches to challenging issues, promote innovation and cultivate creativity amongst the medical community, and hence, no plagiarism will be accepted. 


At least one of the Authors should be under 35 years of age as on 04 August 2020

The Presenting Author should be under 35 years of age as of 04 August 2020








  1. TITLE

    The title should be concise, informative, and interesting. You can also use relevant metaphors to attract attention of the audience.

  2. INTRODUCTION (Scientific background)

    Provide some general information on the subject. It is vital to clearly state the rationale of your study. Please, put an explicit description of the aim of your research in one sentence – it is a cornerstone of any scientific work!


    The structure of the “Materials and methods” section varies depending on the type of the research done.
    > Original (experimental or clinical) research. Describe the subject(s) of your study (molecules, cell lines, tissues, organs, animal or human population) and state the experimental approach or the study design, including your variables.
    > Case-study. Indicate the methods of clinical investigation used.
    > Scientific review. Specify the databases you used, inclusion/exclusion criteria.


    Describe your findings after making sure the results are statistically accurate. Focus on the most important results and do not distort the data to simplify it.


    The conclusion should summarize your results concisely. Make sure all your conclusions are in alignment with the findings observed during the research. You may attempt to postulate further frontiers concerning your topic or results, or ways in which the abstract was biased or sources of inaccuracies.


    Choose five keywords or short phrases which are integral to your research. Remember that the keywords are used to successfully navigate, find and cite your paper.


Please, check grammar and spelling before submitting.




Oral Presentation Instructions

Each participant will be given 13 minutes for their oral presentation : 8 minutes to present his/her research and 5 minutes to discuss it with the experts. To present your topic suссessfully you are asked to follow the instructions:


  • Presentation should be made on Microsoft Office PowerPoint;

  • Aspect ratio 16:9;

  • Try to use a light and monotonous background. For your writing, choose a color that will be contrasting with the background. Please note that overly bright colors and frequent transition from one color to another may interfere with information perception and conveyance;

  • Use phrases instead of whole sentences in your slides and avoid using parenthetical phrases;

  • Try not to overcrowd your slides with text;

  • Try to visualize the information. Use graphs, tables, diagrams and other forms of pictorial representations.

  • Use a simple and legible font (e.g. Arial, Calibri etc.). The font-size should be at least 34 pt for titles and at least 20 pt for the text.

  • Use the same font and size on all slides.

  • Refrain reading from your slides. The presentation is made to facilitate you to not miss out the key points of your speech;

  • Be clear, concise and grammatically correct in your speech. Try to explain your ideas thoroughly to the audience and avoid telling prepared and memorized phrases.

Surgical Video Section

Video Surgery section will take place on the 4th of the August 2020 during FIRMST

  1. Content:

    • Language – English

    • The beginning of the video must content the exact title, the authors’ names and affiliation

    • All videos must be accompanied by a written abstract (see guidelines for writing the abstract)

  2. Length: the video may be no longer than eight (8) minutes.

  3. Quality: reviewers will exclude videos with poor sound and/or picture qualities.

  4. Accepted Standard: all videos will be finalized into DVD format using the following standards

    • 1280 x 720 pixels or greater

    • 16:9 pixel aspect ratio

  5. Accepted File Types

    • Kindly upload your Video onto YouTube and send us the link of your video

Non-Presenting Participant

A Non-presenting participant has the chance to interact in panel discussions which allows for a dynamic interaction between students and experts. Younger students can be introduced to various ways in which a presentation can be made on a professional level, how sources are reviewed, how data is organized and other essential skills of research.

We strongly believe in interconnecting individuals in the medical field and in promoting interdisciplinary interaction - participants can achieve that by interacting with other members on the Virtual Lounges especially meant for networking and socializing, and/or “Meet-the-professor” session, where you may choose to interact with several experts and other members so as to forge those connections. 

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